Unisex Hair Fibre Spray ( 2 Pieces )
Unisex Hair Fibre Spray ( 2 Pieces )
Unisex Hair Fibre Spray ( 2 Pieces )
Unisex Hair Fibre Spray ( 2 Pieces )
Unisex Hair Fibre Spray ( 2 Pieces )

Unisex Hair Fibre Spray ( 2 Pieces )

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Quickly manage the rare hair, gently spray, visually increase the amount of hair

Perfect for all hair types for men and women

No-clean care is not greasy, easy to care for hair

Non-toxic and harmless, does not hurt hair

Long-lasting complementary color, lustrous and natural

Repair does not fade.

Safety does not hurt hair, give good to love, add spray, your best choice!

The net content of each bottle is 130g, and generally one bottle can be used about 30 times.

 Why they Made it ? 

Hair Transplant Montreal : Doctors from Montreal Doctors Unite and made a oil cum spary so that the population is loosing hair at their early stage so they decided to make a oil that helps hair growth .

After working on finding the essential oils and research and trials from 7 years they finally made a Spray which is almost negligible price. 

Hair Transplant Prices in Montreal is actually negligible. 

Hair Transplant Cost in Montreal is almost negligible  not even delivery charges.


Why Andrea Oil is Better than Hair Transplant

About 10% of America’s population suffer from hair loss, also known as baldness. While baldness can be hereditary, a number of people suffer from hair loss due to factors such as cancer, age, injuries, burns and so on. In order to overcome this hair loss, a fair amount of this group of people often turn to hair transplant and other complicated methods for hair growth. If you are one of these people and you seek a different hair growth solution before going on to take surgery, Andrea Oil is the best option for you.

Doctors from Montreal Doctors Unite (MDU) came up with a solution for hair loss by making an oil to help boost hair growth. The hair transplant Montreal doctor solution “Andrea oil," is an oil with a combination of ginger, clove oil, mustard oil, moringa, and other natural ingredients. These Doctors carried out a number of researches and clinical trial for over 7 years before coming up with this solution to ensure that people no longer have to go through hair transplant surgery any longer.


Benefits of Andrea

Andrea Oil comes with numerous benefits. They include

  • Hair Growth: The major reason the Montreal Doctors came together to create Andrea oil, is to boost hair growth for people suffering from hair loss. The oil, which is made mostly with natural products increases the cell metabolism in the follicle to stimulate hair growth.
  • No side effects: One of the reasons majority of people manage hair loss is due to the side effects that come with hair transplant. Andrea oil has none of the side effects which come with hair transplants such as bleeding, swelling, soreness, numbness or itching. Instead, the oil is highly nutritious and boosts hair growth naturally.
  • It is affordable: Andrea oil is a more affordable way to grow hair than with hair transplant. This way a larger number of the 10% of people suffering from hair loss can have a more affordable means to grow their hair. Hair transplant often involves more expenses ranging from the surgery itself to the treatment afterward.
  • It is suitable for all hair types: Anyone can make use of Andrea Oil despite the texture of their hair or their skin type. The oil is mostly natural with no ingredient which can cause irritation to the skin or which can cause damage to already existing hair. It can also help hair grow on whichever part of the body you require hair growth. This could be on the head, the eyebrows, the chest and even the chin (for men).

Who needs this oil?

Making use of Andrea Oil gives people their dream appearance. Good candidates for Andrea Oil include:

  • People with little or no donor site for hair transplants
  • Men with common baldness
  • People with thinning hair
  • People with slow hair growth
  • People with hair loss due to burns
  • People who will get complications from hair transplant surgery
  • People undergoing chemotherapy

How it works

Apply Andrea Oil on the area with hair loss. Apply it as you will apply any other oil and also in the amount you feel comfortable with. Ensure you do this daily. The oil will stimulate hair growth in the desired area, and after one month, you will begin to notice the hair growth.

Andrea Oil has received a lot of positive reviews from satisfied clients. The oil has saved a number of people the stress of paying huge amounts of money to go for surgeries and suffering from the side effects. For a natural and healthy hair growth, buy Andrea Oil today!

What is hair transplant?

As mentioned above, hair transplant is a surgical technique Doctors use on people suffering from hair loss or baldness. The technique involves taking hair follicles from a part of the body with excess hair (also known as the donor site) and planting it on the bald area of the head (also referred to as the recipient site). Hair transplant can be carried out on the head, on the eyebrows, for beards, chest hair and so on. The surgical procedure is often evasive and isn’t recommended for anyone who might be seriously affected by the procedure.

Side effects of hair transplant

Majority of Doctors who carry out hair transplant surgeries often suggest more natural and mild ways to grow hair first. This is because hair transplants come with some side effects. Side effects of hair transplant include:

  • Bleeding: One of the side effects of hair transplant is bleeding. Bleeding is inevitable few days after a hair transplant surgery, although most times it is controllable and will eventually stop when the surgery area fully heals.
  • Infection: Transplant surgery involves opening up your scalp, and this leaves the area quite vulnerable to infections. With proper care, the patient might have little or no infections, but without proper care, the infection might grow and eventually spread to other parts of the body.
  • Soreness: After the surgery, the transplant area will be sore and a bit painful for a few days. This might cause pain during simple activities such as sneezing, laughing, and coughing or any other activity which can put a strain on the head.
  • Swelling: Swelling after the surgery is inevitable. The surgery area will swell up for some time until the cuts start to heal. Swelling can worsen if the surgery area is not properly cared for.
  • Itching: Itching is one of the side effects of hair transplant surgery. Unfortunately, despite how itchy the surgery area gets, it is not advisable for it to be scratched. This could lead to more injuries, swelling, infection, and so on.
  • Numbness: After a hair transplant, the patient might experience numbness or lack of sensation around the area where the hair transplant took place. Most patients panic about this, but it is a temporary situation.

Most people who carry out hair transplant surgery do so not simply because they want to, but because they see no other option to boost their hair growth. With Andrea Oil, no one has to suffer from the side effects of hair transplants any longer.