Teething Tricks and Tips

Teething is a tricky stage to navigate as a parent.

You sometimes have a premonition about it, after days of unusually cranky and weepy behavior, it finally dawns on you to check the mouth of your baby! Sure enough, the red swollen gums give it away every time! As a mom, watching my child hurt is so hard, but teething is unavoidable. It seems like both baby, and you are pretty miserable and tired.

Here are some best-picked bits of advice for you and your baby:

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Frozen Washcloth– Take a clean washcloth and soak it in water, then freeze it. Tie it through a linking ring, and then baby can hold it without having freezing hands.

A Cold Teether- Stick a teething toy in the fridge for a bit before handing it over.
Tooth Brush: A toothbrush is a perfect item for them to chew on and massage their gums. The rubber training brushes are our favorite.

Pizza Crust or any Food with Texture- Give that sweet baby (if he/she is old enough) something to gnaw on. Pizza crust or a breadstick will keep toddlers busy and help them feel better at the same time.

When all else fails, give them a popsicle. Smiles like these are worth it!

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